The Matrix

Mississippi's ONLY high pressure tanning bed. High pressure tanning is new bulb technology that's safer for your skin and helps you achieve the tan you want with fewer visits. Single visits are $33 each.

Matrix Packages:

3 Visits  --  $75

5 Visits  --  $115

8 Visits  --  $168

12 Visits -- $222

20 Visits -- $320

* Prices do not include 10% Federal tan tax​. Matrix visits do not expire.

Posh "Sun Up" Tanning


For the complete "all over" tan, you'll want to try our 15 minute stand up tanning bed. No tan lines...no problem. 

8 Visits  --  $60

12 Visits -- $70

1 Month Unlimited -- $65

3 Month Unlimited -- $150

6 Month Draft -- $55/month

12 Month Draft -- $35/month

1 Year Pre-Paid -- $315

* Prices do not include 10% Federal tan tax​.

Posh "VIP Gold" Tanning


Our California Tan "VIP Gold" tanning beds feature two specialty facial tanning bulbs. These beds give you the ability to be able to switch the facial tanning bulbs on or off depending on how much sun you want on your face.

8 Visits  --  $50
12 Visits -- $60
1 Month Unlimited -- $55
3 Month Unlimited -- $130
6 Month Draft -- $40/month
12 Month Draft -- $25/month
1 Year Pre-Paid -- $275 or 3 payments of $100
* Prices do not include 10% Federal tan tax​.

Posh "VIP" Tanning


These California Tan "VIP" tanning beds offer you Madison's most economical tanning experience. Put our beds to the test and you'll see that our beds are the best in town. We think you'll like the price too!

8 Visits  --  $40
12 Visits -- $50
1 Month Unlimited -- $45
3 Month Unlimited -- $110
6 Month Draft -- $35/month
12 Month Draft -- $20/month

1 Year Pre-Paid -- $250
* Prices do not include 10% Federal tan tax​.

Spa Massage


POSH SIGNATURE MASSAGE - 30 min $65/ 60 min $85/ 90 min $120

 Posh signature massage starts with a foot cleansing ritual and essential oil treatment to induce deep relaxation. Each massage uses a medley of techniques and massage modalities to address the specific needs of each guest. You are assured tension release, circulation enhancement and overall wellness. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - 30 min $65/60 min $85/ 90 min $120

 Techniques that utilize deep-tissue/deep-muscle massage are administered to affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. These techniques require advanced training and a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. The muscles must be relaxed in order to effectively perform deep-tissue massage, otherwise tight surface muscles prevent the practitioner from reaching deeper musculature. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis.


 Detoxification massage stimulates the lymphatic system enabling the body to eliminate excess fluid build-up, expel harmful bacteria and flush out waste products. . We’ll use a special detoxifying massage oil infused with Fennel, Juniper, Cypress, Grapefruit, Orange, Black Pepper and Rosemary. Stimulation in the form of gentle massage will actually promote the detox process, which in turn will benefit the immune system and facilitate the healing process. After your massage, you’ll be escorted to your private 20 minute session in our stand-alone state of the art sauna where further detoxification flushes toxins out through your pores. Remember to drink plenty of water. Cold water and towels provided in sauna.


 Indian Head Massage has its roots in Ayurveda traditions that date back over 4,000 years. According to the Ayurveda medicine, Indian Head Massage addresses negative energy in a person’s body that has built up because of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Using hot towels and specialized massage techniques, this massage is designed to balance the chakras, which in turn, helps improve overall health. Other benefits of Indian Head Massage include: reduction of muscle pain in the face, neck, and shoulders; lessening of joint stiffness; relief from headaches; a deep sense of relaxation; better sleep; reduction in anxiety and depression; heightened creativity; and healthier hair and scalp.

Enhance for $5, Warmed nourishing coconut oil is worked into the scalp, it’s scented with notes of aromatic cardamom, grapefruit and warming cinnamon. This luxurious conditioner will further enhance this sedating massage and add health and vitality to your scalp and hair. 

RAINDROP MASSAGE - 90 min $135

 The raindrop technique involves the amazing power of essential oils, mixed with a variety of massage techniques including back massage, vita flex massage and heat application. The technique is designed to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment. Often many types of spinal problems and misalignments are caused by toxins that lie dormant within the spine. The use of essential oils, dropped on the spine like raindrops, helps to dispose of these viruses within the spine, helping its structure return to normal. Hot compresses help in oil absorption. 

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - 30 min-$65/ 60 min-$85

 Reflexology is an ancient Chinese therapy that involves stimulation of reflex points in the feet that correlate to individual body organs. Activating specific reflexes helps to stimulate these organs to relieve areas of congestion. This technique reduces pain, increases relaxation, and encourages circulation of blood flow to rebalance and renew.



Posh Manicure -- $30 

Posh Pedicure -- $55 

Posh Mani/Pedi Combo -- $70 

Full Set -- $50 

Gel Manicure -- $40 

Dip Manicure -- $40 

Gel Pedicure -- $60 

Gel or Dip Mani/Pedi Combo -- $85 

Shellac Manicure -- $40 

Shellac Pedicure -- $60 

Shellac Mani/Posh Pedi Combo -- $80 

Shellac Mani/Pedi Combo -- $90 

Shellac Removal -- $8.00 (included with purchase of mani/pedi)